The Christian Connexion is a ministry of spiritual renewal, transformation, and restoration for laity, clergy, and congregations, districts, and Conferences through a comprehensive ministry strategy.

The Christian Connexion implements these ministry concepts through speaking, seminars, retreats, teaching, and consultations.


The word “connexion” is an old European word that originally meant simply “connection.” The word “Connexion” took on a specific religious connotation during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It evolved into a concept that a Christian is one who is connected, united, joined together as one in the body of Christ. This concept is reflected in the Gospel of John, Chapter 15, where we are all connected to Jesus the Vine.

Small Bible study, prayer or other groups within a denomination formed circuits that would employ traveling ministers to preach or to bring special knowledge or skills to their circuit. These ministers usually worked in conjunction with the minister assigned to the parish. These circuits became known as a Connexion. Hence in the 1700s the Wesleyan societies, classes, and conferences became known as the Methodist Connexion. The Methodist Church of Great Britain still uses the term Connexion explaining that the Circuits, Districts, and Conferences form the Connexion.

The concept of a connectional system is very different from a congregational system. Every single person, every local congregation, every district, every conference is joined as one with Christ in Christ’s’ mission in the world. No one individual, congregation, or group of churches is ever independent.

The term was used extensively with Christian groups and denominations in the United States until the 1900s when the word was lost. Perhaps the concept was lost also. However, the word is still used today in a multitude of other contexts.

Methodists have traditionally understood themselves as devoutly Methodist but not Methodist only. The Methodist Connexion is truly joined together as one in Christ’s global Christian Connexion.